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Published on: 2/7/2013

    ProFlashlight is the first application with customizable flashlight, so you can change picture and sound of the flashlight only now. Proflashlight allows communication using Morse code (instructions for use and decipher the code is explained in the application). It is easy and fun, try it now!

    ProFlashlight contains a digital  compass which won't let you to get lost in the dark. It offers a wide range of settings and features, the most important being its activity under lock screen!

   For more screenshots and a link to download the free or paid app, please click here(free version) or here(full version).

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Published on: 2/7/2013

Using Redmine to do you project management and keep track of your tasks? Here is an app for that – Redmine To Go.

Redmine itself is great and powerful web application to do project management, but anyone who tried using it on the go knows it’s not that easy and confortable due to lack of mobile version.

Redmine To Go fills the gap and brings full-fledged Redmine experience into Windows Phone world.

And with features like smart data loading, issue offline editing and offline wiki browser you don’t need to worry about exceeding your data plan limits or loosing your internet connection.


 Feature highlights:

  • Issue display and management
  • Issue subtasks, relations, history, attachments
  • Issue custom fields support
  • Log time spent on issues
  • Powerful issue filter and custom queries support
  • Search issue by id and issue stats
  • Project pin to top and pin to start for quick access
  • Latest project activities view
  • Roadmap display
  • Wiki viewer with offline support
  • Multiple servers with SSL/HTTPS and pin to start support
  • Offline access and editing with conflict detection

See what other users say about Redmine To Go:

Rudy: “Great interface, great functionality. I love it!”
Andriy: “Saved my day today, love offline mode.”

Redmine To Go – is a free app without ads and limitations available in Windows Phone Store for WP7 and WP8.

Redmine To Go supports Redmine 1.0+ and ChiliProject with REST API access enabled.

Website: RedmineToGo.com

Follow @RedmineToGo on twitter for latest news and updates.

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Published on: 2/7/2013

Discover how WeatherCare brings a new concept of e-wellness into the Windows Phone experience.

WeatherCare is a Window Phone 7.x/8 application that gives you some tips about how to improve your life, based on real time information from your environment

    Using the device location, WeatherCare gathers real time information from several online providers in order to know the exactly current conditions that surround you (weather conditions, UV index, ...)

    Based on your custom profile, which can be previously configured, you obtain a set of graphical advices about the best way of enjoying the day. You can also get detailed information about each of the provided advices.

    WeatherCare gives you advices about several topics:

  • Health
  • Driving
  • Clothing
  • Weather (Wind Chill and Heat Index)
  • Sleeping
  • Sport

      All this information is provided with a friendly and easy to use presentation, along with a very graphical interface. Another good thing about this application is that you can set your own profile for more personalized information. This is a mosaic with some information that can be obtained with WeatherCare.

      This application only costs 0.99$ and has an evaluation version that gives you all the information in real time about your environment.

      Windows Phone Market link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/weathercare/ca895b26-27d0-455b-93fb-3af1e2d5d0b3

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    Published on: 1/24/2013

    by Amelia Gomes

    Eat Smart is an easy to use app that helps you find all the Nutrition Facts for the foods and beverages you eat. The most interesting feature in this app is the Healthy Index - a single number, calculated using a special algorithm, that allows you to very quickly determine the healthiness of a food.


    The app contains nutrition information for over 7000+ food items published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). More than 40 nutrition facts for each food including calories, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fat and fatty acids (including cholesterol), etc.

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    Published on: 1/23/2013

    by Aälejandro Díazs

    Note+ for Windows Phone 8, is a brand new alternative note-taking application specifically built for the new system. On Windows Phone 7, the application focused on user experience and simplicity; this time around, the focus is on Voice Commands and Speech Recognition-two features introduced with the new platform-allowing users to open and delete existing notes, fully compose new ones, read them out loud, and even share and copy them to the clipboard. Voice dictation is fully supported while editing notes, making it easy to add additional content where needed.

    "It can be hard to choose a note-taking app for any given platform-after all, there's a lot to choose from, and most include a huge feature list; however, developers tend to forget applications should work for the user, not the other way around," said Aälejandro Díazs, designer and developer of Note+. "On this regard, Note+ is different: every detail was crafted to make the experience as simple, fast and responsive as possible, while adding truly useful features for better and easier note-taking-like voice commands, speech recognition and dictation."
    These cleverly implemented features make the whole process seamless to the user, and compete with rival platforms on ease of use. For instance, sharing a note not only opens the share page for the user-it also asks the preferred method for sharing, then proceeds to export the note without requiring any more input. Rather than a simple application, it feels like a dedicated note-taking assistant.
    This release also introduces the ability to set a security PIN, protecting sensitive information from curious people around. If not a concern, a featured note can be selected to be always displayed on the main Live Tile, as well as on the detailed status on the lock screen, making it useful for remembering the milk or displaying information in case the phone gets lost or stolen.
    Note+ is already available for just US$0.99 and includes a free trial. You can find it at the Windows Phone Store (http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/note/5e814633-a07d-4191-9ffb-e2db31a4fd86), and there's an updated version for Windows Phone 7 which includes features like Security PIN and Featured Note.

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    Published on: 1/23/2013

    by Amelia Gomes

    The Movie App allows you to quickly view detailed information about movies that are now showing and coming soon with a Metro look and feel. You can search for movies, view similar movies and read movie reviews, find movies by genre, add movies to your collection and search for people. The app allows you to watch trailers, view and save movie posters, and share links with friends. Once movies are in your collection, they are easily sorted by name, release date and genre.

    This free app is only available on Windows Phone 8 - a WP7.5 version is currently in development.

    Download it for FREE  here

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    Published on: 1/18/2013

    1 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3

    While News reader apps are abundant in the Windows Phone marketplace, not many can deliver most up-to-date information right onto your Lock Screen. If you have a WP8 phone, RapidNews can do just that and in fact make you a master of your own Lock Screen creations. In the app's configuration section, you can select screen background, story category, position and frame color of up to five tiles to create an arrangement that fits your information preferences and aesthetic taste. Ensure that the app is selected as provider in your System Lock Screen settings and a small imagery will then periodically update image and/or count notification.

    The app's underlying configuration options allow you to define your own feeds (Smartphone, Tablet, Travel were used in above screenshots for example) and to choose from 64 language/region channels, presenting stories from a wide range of publishers, many with local relevance and appropriate character encoding. All network requests are directed to a MS-Cloud service to ensure speed, integrity and reliability.

    What's more, a sensor adjusts the size of the user-configurable topics grid based on your phone's memory specification. On a standard WP8 with 1GB RAM, it enables the 9-topics mode allowing you to read through 80+ headlines with simple one-hand gestures (thumb swipe and tap).

    Download trial or full version ($0.99) from here

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    Published on: 1/18/2013

    by Amelia Gomes


    WordCliq puzzle game is now available in the Windows Phone store. It can best be described as a fusion between Tetris and Scrabble. You can play it by yourself och challenge an opponent over the web battling for the letter tiles.

    Demo Video:


    Available in the Windows Phone store for FREE:


    Official web site: http://wordcliq.com/

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    Published on: 1/15/2013

    by Amelia Gomes

    Lumia 920: Beautiful colours, a fairly well detailed and wide angle very appreciable.
    iPhone 4s: Pretty details, colours very bland and zoom video quite embarrassing.
    Lumia 920: In yet very beautiful colours, a very detailed picture in the centre and very blurred behind.
    iPhone: The iPhone on the ACTUAL colours are less attractive but the foreground is less detailed and the back plane anymore.
    iPhone 4S - Dry but still colour is largely the same. The picture is more detailed but less homogeneous in the centre.
    Lumia 920: Problem re-focus.
    iPhone 4S: Same problem as the Lumia 920.
    The iPhone has completely off exposure. The angle is really reduced.
    Lumia 920: The picture says it all even, beautiful colours, a very wide angle.

    via youtube

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    Published on: 1/14/2013

    During Loon Apps Days, get the Tile Path game at a low price of $0.99 instead of $1.99. This amazing price is limited to the Loon Apps Days from 11 to 18 january. To get benefit of this offer, go to the Windows Phone Store or flash the QRCode bellow.

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