Review: LunarX game for Windows Phone

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published by Kate Brown

In LunarX, you get to explore the moon by designing, building, and flying your own spaceship.  The more you play, the more complex and powerful your ship can become. There are 2 modes, 24 unique levels,a ship designer, test flight chamber, and lots of hidden goodies. 


Worried about the end of the world? The Mayan's were too. But they're gone and we are still here. The end of the 2012 (and/or the world) is fast approaching. Get out while you can! Can't afford a spaceship? Well then, pretend you can while you wait. Explore the moon like never before, the way you want to. Don't wait for our buds at NASA, get LunarX before the world comes to an end. You'll spend hours enjoying.

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